About us

With the combination of our strengths and synergies, when founding PGE in 2008,

we are able to offer you and your customers today a real best-in-class service.

Best sourcing, highest level of technical knowledge and deep experienced employees,

makes us the best partner for all your needs and requests in the IT-service-field.


Our geograhpical structure and our local warehousing in various countries, gaves already today many worldwide leading

IT-manufacturers the main reason, to cooperate with us.


Parts-stocking, parts-logistics, warehouse-management, RMA-handling, warranty-solutions,

MPS-projects or just-in-time-delivery are just a view of our daily tasks.

Also many european customers are covering their multi-country-solutions with our services already, today.

If we can help to make your business more efficent and profitable

with our solutions & services, don't wait to contact us!

PGE Image-Brochure

Have a look to our latest PGE-Image-Brochure.

If you want to have it a printed-version by post,

please contact us.

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