Service, quality and the sense of partnership, are the main driver of our corporate-culture since our very first begining.This is our named behave, in any respect to our environment and to our employees.


Only through our knowledge of your needs as our customer, we are able to provide you with the best possible service, with maximum quality.


The primary goal of Swissparts is to supply customers with spareparts, accessories and consumables.


Our strengths -named by our customers- are individuality, quality and flexibility.

With dynamic processes and individual solutions,we help our customers to meet their growing demands and needs of their markets, flexible and effective.


Beside our headquarter in Dottikon/CH -founded in 1999- we have also a branch-office in Budapest/Hungary. With our well established logistic- and system-management-tools, we are able to fulfill all our customer needs.


Also our own developed MPS-Management-Software, gaves us a unique position on the market today. 


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